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Rick Johnson

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Kevin Newton

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Rachel W. Sanchez

James Allen

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Michael Peacock

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Miguel Tovar

Evan Parsons


My name is Evan Parsons and I will be 46 years old at race time. I lettered in Cross Country and Track at Texas State University (f.k.a. Southwest Texas State) in ‘93/’94. I ran my fastest half marathon in 2010 at the Dallas Running Club 13.1 when I ran 1:20.36 and placed 3rd in age and 20th overall. I have been running with CRRC for over a year and really enjoy the Group.

Chad Beert


Running Mantra: Do What You Have to Do, Until You Can Do What You Want to Do.

I never considered myself a runner as I didn’t grow up running and really didn’t get into running until my late 20’s but now that I look back over the last decade and a lot of the goals I have accomplished with regards to running I would say I definitely fall into the category of I am a runner. I run for fun, I run for health, I run for the camaraderie but maybe most of all I run to challenge myself. I always look forward to the challenge of trying to accomplish new goals every year and the training that it takes to accomplish them.

Jon Cotton


Running Mantra:  The first mile always lies

I have been a cyclist for over 15 years. I’ve raced mountain bikes for several years, before moving on to road riding and eventually triathlons. I had never been a runner, but knew I needed to work on my running if I was going to do Ironman triathlons. I went on my first group run in November 2015.  I can now say that I am a runner and have probably jumped in too deep considering I finished the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile trail run in 2017. I have also finished 2 Ironman races.


Tuan Nguyen

01:55 Pace Group

Aiming Herrington


I am Aiming Herrington, born and raised in China. I came to this country at the age of 24. I was an exchange student at Louisiana College at Pineville as Computer Science major, but decided to be a nurse. I moved to Dallas in 1993 and have been working at Presby in Dallas since then. I have been blessed with two daughters 28 and 29, one is a lawyer and the other is a Doctor.

In April of 2016, I met some runners on the trail by my house, some of them who are much older than I was, but somehow they were able to run longer and faster than I was able to, so I started running with them even though I had no clue what I was doing.

In October of 2016, a friend signed me up for Tyler Half because she did not want to go there by her self. Without any training I was able to finish first in my age group with the time of 1:53.

November of the same year, another friend signed me up for DRC Half because I told him I used to chase my kids around the White Rock Lake when they were 5 and 6 years old. This one I also did pretty well with the finishing time of 1:45.

This year I did one and only one marathon in February, finished with time of 3:59, I am VERY EXCITED to go to Boston in 2018!

Personally I enjoy Half Marathon more than any other distances. Thru running I have met so many people from all walks of it, running has also not only keeping me in shape but also staying sharp mentally.

I am very grateful for this opportunity to pace this year from Trinity River Run, I can’t wait to see all the new runners do well and hope running is a new found love for many more of them!

Danielle Ficher Walker


I am a runner at heart. I started running in 5th grade as a way to pass time at recess, which turned into a way to be a sporty athlete in High School by running both cross-country and track. I always loved the thrill of the race and learned that running was both a passion and a way to release tension when I was stressed, look for answers when I had trouble finding them and find myself.

After having kids I got more involved in running to show them the importance of lifelong fitness. In March of 2014 I ran my first half marathon and fell in love with the distance. It was a challenge and a thrill all at once. I have fun while I race, taking moving selfies to document my races and sometimes even posting to Facebook while racing. In 2016 I wanted to give back to the running community that has given a lot to me and started pacing half-marathons. I love helping people find a love for running and meet their own goals. Say Hi to me along the course, run with me or let’s try a moving selfie.

Marcos Vargas

Reinaldo Medina


Running is a very important part of my life. I started in 2006, running 5K’s until I joined the NTX Runners and met a group of wonderful people who taught the joy of running. From 5K’s to 10K’s to 15 K’s, 13.1’s to Marathons… I run because the running journey is beautiful!

Robin Wallace

Ayanna Bradley Backs


John Lawson

Amy Ross

02:15 Pace Group

Cara Johnson


Running Mantra: Running is my daily therapy and, as a bonus, it allows me to eat desserts and drink wine

I ran my first half marathon in 2001 and I haven’t stopped running. After 10 full marathons and countless half marathons, I have began to dabble in triathlons and found my second passion! I raced a few half ironman distances and, last year, had the opportunity to race with Team USA at the long distance worlds championships. I didn’t come in last place, so in my books I’m a winner!

Tim Montano

02:20 Pace Group

Myriam Pai

02:20 Pace Group

Mark Evans

Kristen Gonzales

Michael Hutchison


I run because it makes me happy and keeps me healthy. I started running in order to lose weight, then I discovered that it was something I loved to do. I am married with 3 children and we have developed into a running family. I have run many marathons and half marathons. I love pacing because it gives the race special meaning since it isn’t about me, but it is about helping others achieve their goals. I have made many friends in the running community by pacing and I love watching them cross the finish line with big grins.

My goal is to run the Leadville Heavy Half and eventually run the Leadville 100. I am also planning to run my first Ragnar this fall and my second Texas Independence Relay next year. Of course, I will pace as many races as I can.

Robert Dennen


Growing up as a swimmer and a triathlete my weak link was always the run. I have focused on running the last few years and that is no longer the case! This year I have completed two marathons and four halfs. Regardless if this is your first half marathon or your in double digits I look forward to sharing in fitness, fun and fellowship to help you reach your goal of finishing a half marathon sub 2:30.

See you on November 12th,
Robert Dennen

Veronica Tovar

Jodi Young


Jodi began running in 2012 after getting bored with the treadmill. Her goal was to run a 5K every month until she met her local running club and was “convinced” to train for a 10K, which ended up being her first half marathon in October 2013. The very next year, she ran several half marathons and trained and finished her first full marathon. Jodi has since ran 4 marathons, many half marathons, and loves the friendships she has made in the running community. She is very excited to meet you at Trinity River Run and help you achieve YOUR goals of getting to that finish line!

LaVette Murphy


LaVette was bitten by the running bug in 2014 after struggling thru a 5K a friend convinced her to run. She quickly found a local 5K training program and began running with others who shared her desire to grow as a runner. Fast forward 3 years and LaVette has completed several 5Ks, 10Ks & 15Ks, 28 half marathons, 1 full marathon, the Texas Independence Relay (200 miles) and has registered for her first Ragnar Hill Country Trail Relay (Oct ’17). Running is a passion for LaVette and she looks forward to helping you reach your 2:40 goal and have a blast at the 2017 Trinity River Half Marathon!

Joe Perez

02:40 Pace Group

Victor Salazar

Belinda Ponce


My name is Belinda Ponce. I was raised in Fairview and currently reside in McKinney, Texas. I began fast walking & running 4 years ago. I started training in 2015, for my first half marathon, with Lifetime. I currently run with, Lifetime, CRRC, MRC & RunOn. Running has become my passion. I love to pace, to inspire others to run and make them feel that they CAN achieve their goals. I have completed several 5K, 10K, 15K, 17 – Half Marathons, 1 – Marathon & a 50K. I look forward to pacing the Trinity River Half Marathon on November 12, 2017.

Gladys Rosales Evans

Jennifer Haigh

02:50 Pace Group

Heather Hutchison

Heather began racing when her son decided he wanted to do a half marathon with her. Neither of them had ran before. Three months later they joined a running group and began training for a half marathon. After finishing that race, her passion for running grew and she just kept training and racing from there.

After finishing races in the 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k, half, and full marathon distances in her first year of running, there was no turning back. She was hooked! She was asked to pace a half marathon and was eager to jump on that opportunity. The first race she paced was soul fulfilling that she fell instantly in love with helping others to reach their goals. She has paced several races and helped people reach new personal records, finish their first race, and simply made the race fun and exciting for many runners. She was even able to help someone reach a PR in a half marathon that had been working for a new PR for 15 years!

Running has become a part of Heather’s lifestyle. She and her husband have two sons and a daughter that are very involved in sports. One son and daughter (the two living at home) and her husband have all joined in and run as a family at least once a week! She enjoys running with people of all paces and distances, though anything over 8 miles is her comfort zone. Very seldom does a day go by that you can’t see Heather out running.

Lynda Tilley

Jonda Algeria

Angela Salazar

Monica Sanders

Half-marathon Sweeper

Ann Marie Sims

Half-marathon Sweeper

Ann Marie has enjoyed exercising all her life. Walking has always been a large part of that exercise, especially with young children, it was a fun activity to do as a family. Joining her local running/walking club she has become dedicated to improving her pace, with the goal of running a half marathon. This will be her 3rd half marathon as a sweeper this year. She enjoys being a part of the pacer team, and hopes to reach the goal of running a marathon next year.



Daniel Flick


Sridhar Rajagopal